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The Vaccine Story


Compare State Vaccination Progress

The U.S. vaccination rollout has proceeded differently in every state and territory, as these graphics demonstrate. This first visualization allows you to compare one state’s vaccination efforts against the U.S. average and against any other jurisdiction. Hovering your cursor over the highlighted lines displays the number of vaccine doses that have been administered per 100,000 people. Since some vaccines require 2 doses, the doses per 100,000 should exceed 100,000. A doses per 100,000 figure closer to 200,000 indicates the majority of the population has been vaccinated.

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Explore How States Are Using Vaccine Supplies

The selected comparisons from the first graphic carry over into the chart below, which shows how much each state has used of its allotted vaccine supplies. By mid-May the range varied from as high as 90% to as low as 60%.

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Examine How Many People Are Fully Vaccinated

This third graphic visualizes the percentage of the population fully and partially vaccinated in the primary state selected above. For additional vaccination data, visit the Coronavirus Resource Center’s Vaccines page.

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