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Global Health Now

Global Vaccine Competition; More Than 100,000 Dead

05/27/20NPRAttention, Basic, Essential, New

So, What Can We Do Now?

05/27/20The AtlanticAttention, Basic, Essential, New

Working around the clock to find a COVID-19 cure or treatment

05/27/20ABC NewsAttention, Basic, Essential, New

Use of survivor plasma is considered safe, but two new tests will see if it combats COVID-19

05/27/20USA TodayAttention, Basic, Essential, New

Contact Tracing Tools, Information, and Resources

05/26/20Johns Hopkins

What Parents Should Know About Coronavirus as Kids Return to Babysitters, Day Cares and Camps


Keeping Elections and Voters Safe

05/22/20SNF Agora Institute

8 ways to go out and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic


What should we expect during the coronavirus’ second wave?


What we know about COVID-19 antibodies — and what we don’t

05/22/20PBS News Hour

Boston Globe: America is driving blind on coronavirus testing

05/21/20Boston Globe

ABC News: How contact tracing works and what it could mean for getting back to normal

05/21/20ABC News

Bloomberg: The Outlook for Reopening


What It Takes to Become a Contact Tracer on the Trail of the Coronavirus

05/21/20Wall Street Journal

Considering a Vacation Rental? Here’s What to Know Before You Travel


Health leaders: We stuck together to #StayHome, now we can start together to #OpenSafely

05/20/20USA Today

Bloomberg: How Misleading Messaging Led Young People to Resist Virus Warnings


A guide to being outside safely this summer during the coronavirus pandemic


HuffPost: A Contact Tracing Expert On The Challenges Of Preventing The Coronavirus


Where Chronic Health Conditions and Coronavirus Could Collide

05/18/20The New York Times

3 reasons coronavirus testing is not a magic wand for businesses looking to reopen safely

05/18/20USA Today

Total deaths depend 'on what people decide to do, their own actions'

05/17/20NBC News

State and Federal Data on COVID-19 Testing Don’t Match Up

05/17/20The Atlantic

Meet the Press: COVID-19 curves differ regionally across the U.S.

05/17/20NBC News

What is a coronavirus "super-spreading" event?

05/15/20CBS News

Webcast: Will COVID-19 End Globalization As We Know It?

05/15/20SNF Agora Institute

Reopening Needs a Different Kind of COVID-19 Monitoring


Filling in the Blanks: National Research Needs to Guide Decisions about Reopening Schools in the United States

05/15/20Center for Health Security

How to ease the stressors of living in a multigenerational household during the pandemic

05/14/20PBS News Hour

How to Reopen America Safely

05/14/20The New York Times

Can herd immunity help stop the coronavirus? Experts warn it's not that easy.

05/14/20NBC News

Deploy the safety net

05/14/20The Hill

Tech workers considering escaping Silicon Valley


Q&A: East Asia Provides Mixed Lessons in Coronavirus Pandemic Response


Q&A: How Nurses are Leading the COVID-19 Response Around the Globe


How do we decide? Ethics of the COVID-19 pandemic

05/13/20MPR News

NPR: What the Coronavirus Numbers Might Mean for the U.S. Moving Forward


The global child mortality rate could rise for the first time in more than 60 years, experts warn

05/12/20Washington Post

Q&A: Asymptomatic Spread Makes COVID-19 Tough to Contain


Bloomberg: Johns Hopkins Launches Online Contact-Tracing Training Course


This course will train an army of contact tracers. You can take it, too.

05/11/20Washington Post

New Johns Hopkins Course to Train Coronavirus Contact Tracers

05/11/20Wall Street Journal

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Adolescents


Using plasma transfusions to treat COVID-19

05/10/20CBS News

Public health expert: No 'clear way' to separate those most at-risk for virus for quarantines

05/10/20The Hill

Should rich hospitals pay more?

05/10/20USA Today

Public Health Experts Say Many States Are Opening Too Soon To Do So Safely


Q&A: Recognizing Disinformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic


US falls short in coronavirus testing in some areas of the country


Webcast: Climate, Food Insecurity, and COVID-19

05/08/20SNF Agora Institute

Coronavirus FAQs: Do Temperature Screenings Help? Can Mosquitoes Spread It?


Johns Hopkins Envisions ‘Massive Vaccination Program’ for COVID-19


100 Days Into COVID-19, Where Do We Stand?


Researcher testifies to Congress that not a single state meets Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security criteria to reopen safely

05/07/20Business Insider

Webcast: Health Inequities in a Global Pandemic

05/07/20Original Content

Webcast: Rationing Medical Resources in a Pandemic

05/07/20Johns Hopkins

Q&A: How states can promote compliance with social distancing


Reopening: at what price?


President Trump Wants To Reopen Economy Despite CDC Warnings


What we can learn from the First Peoples of the United States in the era of COVID-19

05/06/20The Hill

Health Insurers Seek to Bend Curve on Covid Testing Prices


Operational Toolkit for Businesses Considering Reopening or Expanding Operations in COVID-19

05/06/20Center for Health Security

Report: National Action Plan for Expanding and Adapting the Healthcare System for the Duration of the COVID Pandemic

05/05/20Center for Health Security

Q&A: The impact of COVID-19 on older adults


Digital handshake: Can contact tracing deliver on its promise in coronavirus battle?


Dr. Adalja: Coronavirus outbreak ‘politicized from the beginning’


Q&A: How School Closures for COVID-19 Amplify Inequity


NPR: Social Distancing, Masks Key As States Loosen Restrictions, Researcher Says


Bloomberg: COVID-19 at a Plateau, Not Going Down in U.S.


Expect More Deaths as States Reopen, Says Johns Hopkins' Adalja


Early Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A Dangerous Misconception

05/01/20Original Content

Protecting Both Public Health and Civil Liberties

05/01/20SNF Agora Institute

COVID-19: Johns Hopkins Sees ‘Great Hope’ in Antibodies Research


Dr. Tom Inglesby: There will be ‘rolling waves across the country between now and the fall’


Why Are More Men Than Women Dying Of COVID-19?


A Next-Generation Coronavirus Test Raises Hopes And Concerns


Antibody tests were supposed to help guide reopening plans. They've brought more confusion than clarity.

04/30/20USA Today

Johns Hopkins team launches temperature-tracking study and app to map and monitor potential COVID-19 cases


The Facts About COVID-19 Tests

04/29/20Original Content

Washington Post: Antibody Tests Show We’re Nowhere Near Herd Immunity

04/29/20Washington Post

The Enduring Value of the Performing Arts in the Age of Social Distancing


Johns Hopkins Announces the COVID-19 Testing Insights Initiative

04/29/20Original Content

Tolbert Nyenswah on Contact Tracing and the COVID-19 Pandemic


A coronavirus Q&A with Dr. Tom Inglesby

04/28/20USA Today

USA Today: Infectious disease expert on states reopening

04/28/20USA Today

Countries need to stay vigilant on coronavirus ahead of fall flu season, expert says


How to clean, reuse or hack a coronavirus mask

04/27/20USA Today

COVID-19 Threatens to Starve Africa


Public health expert on debate over relaxing coronavirus restrictions

04/26/20FOX News

9 ways coronavirus changed treating patients

04/26/20ABC News

Here’s How You Can Change Lives in the Pandemic

04/25/20The New York Times

STAT: The success of a COVID-19 vaccine will hinge on its delivery


Testing and tracking the spread of COVID-19


Coronavirus Treatment: Topical vs. Internal Remedies


Webcast: Inside Taiwan’s Response to COVID-19

04/24/20Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Q&A: Understanding changing guidance on mask use


Explainer: Could warmer weather help contain the coronavirus?


Where can I get a COVID-19 antibody test and is it reliable? Here's everything you need to know.

04/24/20USA Today

The COVID-19 racial disparities could be even worse than we think

04/23/20Washington Post

Tracking and Identifying COVID-19 Cases


Researchers Look To Behavior To Explore Why The Coronavirus May Hit Men Harder


Q&A: COVID-19 poses unique challenges for people with disabilities


What pandemic prep experts have learned from this coronavirus so far


CDC Needs Support to Roll Out Broad, Systematic Testing


Treat health-care workers like the heroes they are

04/22/20Washington Post

What good digital contact tracing might look like


America’s Health Departments Finally Get Software to Track Cases

04/22/20Bloomberg Law

COVID-19 public health orders should not target asylum seekers

04/22/20The Hill

CNN: It's foolish to worry about privacy when data can help fight coronavirus


MSNBC: Doctor explains the complex supply chains holding back testing expansions


Bloomberg: Long Term Battle Is Just Starting


How are refugees affected by COVID-19?


‘Road map’ to recovery report: 20 million coronavirus tests per day needed to fully open economy

04/20/20ABC News

Keeping kids active and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic


NPR: An Epidemiologist Answers What Is Needed To Reopen The Country


Public Health Principles for a Phased Reopening During COVID-19: Guidance for Governors

04/17/20Center for Health Security

Covid-19 Causes Broad Spectrum of Diseases: Johns Hopkins’ Pekosz


Q&A: The Role of National Health Information Systems in the Response to COVID-19

04/17/20Original Content

Contract tracing helped end the Ebola outbreak. Public health experts say it can stop COVID-19, too.

04/17/20USA Today

Q&A: A Coronavirus vaccine is in the works–but it won't emerge overnight


Why Social Distancing Is Important Even If COVID-19 Cases Peaked


Can the U.S. Safety Net Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic and Recession?

04/16/20Original Content

The Truth About Off-Label Prescribing and Coronavirus

04/16/20Consumer Reports

Q&A: COVID-19's Historic Economic Impact, in the U.S. and Abroad


The New Yorker: What Have Epidemiologists Learned About the Coronavirus?

04/16/20The New Yorker

Q&A: COVID-19 Likely to Weigh on U.S. Election Turnout, Outcomes


Dr. Fauci says immunity certificates 'possible' after coronavirus pandemic. Here's what that means.

04/16/20USA Today

Our Pandemic Summer

04/15/20The Atlantic

Q&A: How will reduced activity affect air quality and the environment?


Doctors on the Front Lines Are Testing New Therapies to Treat COVID-19

04/15/20Consumer Reports

Bloomberg: Emotional Intelligence Key to Leadership Amid Pandemic


Johns Hopkins Launches New, U.S.-specific COVID-19 Tracking Map to Complement JHU’s Global COVID-19 Map

04/14/20Johns Hopkins

Standing Too Close. Not Covering Coughs. If Someone Is Violating Social Distancing Rules, What Do You Do?


Contact Tracing Could Be Key to Easing Social Distancing Rules


Dr. Thomas Inglesby: U.S. health care system would be better prepared if admin acted sooner

04/12/20FOX News

A Chaplain And Medical Anthropologist Explain How You Can Spiritually Sustain Healthcare Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Coronavirus FAQs: Do Gloves Help? Is It Allergies Or COVID-19?


A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it’s not from the White House

04/10/20Washington Post

Should You Shave Your ‘Quarantine Beard’?


A National Plan to Enable COVID-19 Case Finding and Contact Tracing in the US

04/10/20Center for Health Security

Searching for an effective Covid-19 treatment: promise and peril


Coronavirus: Is Africa Ready?


Q&A: COVID-19 and a splintered European Union


Understanding the Global Economic Impact of COVID-19

04/10/20SNF Agora Institute

Why it's so hard to see into the future of Covid-19


Q&A: How Pandemics Shape Society


Black Americans 'epicenter' of coronavirus crisis made worse by lack of insurance

04/09/20ABC News

Checkpoints, Curfews, Airlifts: Virus Rips Through Navajo Nation

04/09/20The New York Times

CDC Says Some People Can Get Back to Work: Here’s What the Experts Think


A promising COVID-19 treatment gets fast-tracked


Do Social Networks Increase or Decrease the COVID-19 Contagion Rate?

04/07/20Original Content

A Game Plan to Help the Most Vulnerable


Dr. Tom Inglesby: US return to normalcy must be 'somewhat gradual' until coronavirus treatments approved

04/07/20FOX News

U.S. faces long road to reopening amid COVID-19 crisis


Economists and Epidemiologists, Not At Odds, but in Agreement: We Need a Broad Based COVID-19 Testing Survey

04/07/20Original Content

‘We’re flying blind’: African Americans may be bearing the brunt of Covid-19, but access to data are limited


The Quest for a Pandemic Pill

04/06/20The New Yorker

Immune therapies showing promise on coronavirus: Johns Hopkins


Q&A: In fight against COVID-19, nurses face high-stakes decisions, moral distress


Q&A: How has COVID-19 impacted supply chains around the world?


It's Still Hard to Predict Who Will Die From Covid-19


Official counts understate the U.S. coronavirus death toll

04/06/20The New York Times

When Can We Lift the Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions? Not Before Taking These Steps

04/06/20Scientific American

Africa has a COVID-19 time bomb to defuse

04/06/20World Economic Forum

Q&A: Managing and understanding mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic


'Administrative' offenders shouldn't be jailed amidst pandemic: Johns Hopkins


As Jails And Prisons Reduce Populations, Advocates Call On ICE To Do The Same


Webcast: Imagining a New Moral Economy

04/03/20SNF Agora Institute

How to Prevent Social Isolation from Making Loneliness Worse

04/03/20Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Bloomberg School of Public Health: Can a mask protect me? Putting homemade masks in the hierarchy of controls

04/03/20Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Detained and Vulnerable to COVID-19

04/03/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

COVID-19 Tradeoffs: Feeding Others and Staying Fed

04/02/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

Q&A: The Role of Genomic Sequencing in Combating COVID-19


12 things everyone needs to know about the coronavirus pandemic


Special Report for City Leaders: Recommendations for a Metropolitan COVID-19 Response

04/02/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

Coronavirus Survivors Keep Up the Fight, Donate Blood Plasma to Others

04/01/20Wall Street Journal

Lessons from a different war for preventing moral injury among clinicians treating COVID-19


Should we all be wearing face masks during coronavirus outbreak?


Refugee Camps Face COVID-19: ‘If We Do Nothing, The Harm Is Going To Be So Extreme’


Should We Wear Masks In Public To Protect Against Coronavirus? Here’s What WHO, CDC and Johns Hopkins Experts Advise


Tracking the Path of the Coronavirus Outbreak (Podcast)


When Will Social Distancing Let Up?

03/31/20The New York Times

Testing coronavirus survivors’ blood could help reopen U.S.

03/31/20The Washington Post

Q&A: Understanding COVID-19's impact in Italy and Europe


Q&A: COVID-19: Immunity and Seasonality


Johns Hopkins’ Spiegel Concerned About Lack of Virus Protection for Refugees


Publishing During the COVID-19 Epidemic: Prompt Conclusions or Quality Studies?

03/30/20Berman Institute of Bioethics

Testing is Just the Beginning in the Battle Against Covid-19

03/30/20The New York Times

Expert Q&A: How to stay fit – and safe – during coronavirus pandemic


Johns Hopkins doctor identifies '5 major conditions' for relaxing social distancing

03/29/20FOX News

The Unequal Cost of Social Distancing

03/29/20Original Content

Foreign Policy: Amid Coronavirus Spread, Host Countries Ignore Refugee Health at Their Own Peril

03/27/20Foreign Policy

Q&A: Social media fuels spread of COVID-19 information — and misinformation


Blood from people who recover from coronavirus could provide a treatment

03/27/20The Washington Post

Webcast: One Pandemic, a World of Responses

03/27/20SNF Agora Institute

We need an ethics transfusion: The coronavirus blood challenge

03/27/20NY Daily News

Adolescents’ internalizing mental health problems, related care causing new treatment demands, study suggests


Embracing Distancing and Cushioning the Blow to the Economy

03/26/20Original Content

Q&A: What will it take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19?


Coronavirus: No, we aren't even close to ready to ease up on social distancing

03/26/20USA Today

Ironing out wrinkles in India’s pandemic response

03/25/20The Hindu

How the pandemic will end

03/25/20The Atlantic

The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection

03/24/20Washington Post

Desperate for Covid-19 answers, U.S. doctors turn to colleagues in China


How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives


Now is not the time to ease social distancing measures, experts say


Coronavirus plea from Johns Hopkins: Please take social distancing seriously to save lives

03/24/20The Baltimore Sun

Q&A: How families and roommates can effectively self-quarantine, self-isolate


New York will be first state to test treatment of coronavirus with blood from recovered patients

03/23/20NBC News

A scarcity of life-saving resources during COVID-19 pandemic

03/22/20The Hill

Q&A: How long can COVID-19 live on surfaces?


Webcast: COVID-19 and the Politics of Information

03/20/20SNF Agora Institute

Bloomberg Opinion: Prepare Now for the Long War Against Covid-19

03/20/20Bloomberg Opinion

Hogan should follow Mosby’s lead and release older, parole-approved offenders from state prisons

03/20/20The Baltimore Sun

The Best-Case Outcome for the Coronavirus, and the Worst

03/20/20The New York Times

Africa Prepares for “the Worst”

03/20/20Global Health Now

Hold the “Quarantinis”: Alcohol and Novel Coronavirus Might Not Mix

03/20/20Global Health Now

Politico: It’s Time to Build Ventilators Like We’re at War and Our Lives Depend on It


COVID-19 Questions Answered: IVAC-Affiliated Experts Give Their Take on the Challenges with Infection Control

03/20/20Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Global Health NOW: Johns Hopkins Researchers To Test COVID-19 Stop-Gap Solution

03/19/20Global Health Now

Here’s How Long Coronavirus Symptoms Tend to Last, According to Doctors


4 reasons America needs a new coronavirus crisis insurance program based on Medicare

03/19/20USA Today

Independent pharmacies should be on frontlines for COVID-19 screening access

03/19/20The Hill

Jennifer Nuzzo and Tara Kirk Sell: Here’s how to help protect elderly from coronavirus

03/18/20FOX News

Extraordinary Measures: How institutions are approaching scientific research during COVID-19, and what they still need to know.

03/18/20Inside Higher Ed

Johns Hopkins Experts Discuss the The Latest Developments

03/17/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

Johns Hopkins experts are learning more about the coronavirus. Here’s what they want you to know.

03/17/20The Baltimore Sun

July Or August? When The Coronavirus Crisis Could See A Turning Point


To protect inmates and the nation from COVID-19, release offenders who pose no threat

03/17/20USA Today

Schools close to contain coronavirus. Will it work? Depends on what we do with our kids.

03/16/20USA Today

Coronavirus stressing you out? Here’s how to cope

03/16/20The Baltimore Sun

How Bad Will the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic Get In the U.S.? Health Experts Weigh In


How Epidemiologists Understand the Novel Coronavirus

03/15/20The New Yorker

The Coronavirus Called America’s Bluff

03/15/20The Atlantic

Coronavirus outbreak is a ‘time of sacrifice for all of us’

03/15/20PBS News Hour

Coronavirus Screening Test Developed at Johns Hopkins


Learn More About Social Distancing


Infectious Disease Experts Recommend Using Antibodies from COVID-19 Survivors as Stopgap Measure to Treat Patients and Protect Healthcare Workers

03/13/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

Your Nose Itches. Is It Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?

03/13/20The New York Times

Coronavirus will linger after the pandemic ends. But it won’t be as bad.

03/13/20The Washington Post

Quarantining cities isn’t needed. But a fast, coordinated response to covid-19 is essential

03/13/20The Washington Post

Antibodies from COVID-19 Survivors Could Be Used To Treat Patients, Protect Those At Risk


We must shore up access to food as COVID-19 takes hold

03/12/20The Hill

U.S. Hospitals Face Major Challenges as Coronavirus Spreads

03/12/20Wall Street Journal

The latest on Coronavirus from Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Jason Farley

03/11/20Johns Hopkins Nursing

A self-quarantine seems brutal when you’re not sick with coronavirus—but it really is for the greater good

03/11/20USA Today

Cancel Everything

03/10/20The Atlantic

New Study on COVID-19 Estimates 5.1 Days for Incubation Period

03/09/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

“60 Minutes” goes behind the scenes of Johns Hopkins coronavirus response efforts


Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Symptoms Start About Five Days After Infection, New Research Finds

03/09/20Wall Street Journal

60 Minutes: COVID-19 Coronavirus: How U.S. hospitals are preparing, and what leading health officials say about the virus

03/08/20CBS News

How can Africa prepare for Coronavirus? Learn from Liberia’s experience with Ebola

03/08/20Mail & Guardian

NBC News: U.S. coronavirus testing capacity is 'not currently adequate,' expert tells Congress

03/06/20NBC News

Q&A: How coronavirus will affect the global supply chain


NPR: Coronavirus testing kits are in short supply


COVID-19 Recorded Webcast With Johns Hopkins Experts


Johns Hopkins University experts brief Capitol Hill on coronavirus

03/06/20Homeland Preparedness News

Hopkins experts present latest coronavirus information in Capitol Hill


Death Rates Pose a Puzzle

03/05/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Unknown Unknowns: Diagnosing the New Coronavirus

03/05/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

Inside Iran’s Attempts to Suppress Virus - And the Truth

03/04/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Old-School Gumshoes Tracking the Virus

03/04/20Bloomberg School of Public Health

We should have seen the coronavirus coming


Johns Hopkins evaluates foreign study programs in response to coronavirus outbreak


How to Confront the Coronavirus at Every Level

03/02/20The New York Times

COVID-19 Recorded Webcast With Johns Hopkins Experts


Johns Hopkins prepares for potential COVID-19 impacts


Bloomberg: Johns Hopkins’ Nuzzo: New Virus Test Kits Likely to Reveal Undiagnosed Cases


How to Protect Yourself From the Virus

03/01/20Johns Hopkins Medicine

Here’s the Johns Hopkins study President Trump referenced in his coronavirus news conference


What US Hospitals Should Do Now to Prepare for a COVID-19 Pandemic—The Center for Health Security

02/27/20Center for Health Security

Bloomberg: Milder coronavirus cases raising new transmission concerns: Johns Hopkins


The Lancet: An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time


Hopkins-Nanjing Center delays on-site programming


Prevent Spread Of The Virus


Bloomberg: Travel restrictions won't help contain virus, Johns Hopkins' Nuzzo says


Public health interventions in focus as coronavirus outbreak spreads in China and beyond


Foreign Affairs: How to prepare for a coronavirus pandemic

01/31/20Foreign Affairs

As coronavirus outbreak evolves, key questions remain


Bloomberg: Johns Hopkins' Toner expects to see more coronavirus cases in the U.S.


PBS NewsHour: Track the spread of novel coronavirus with this map


Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise to Illustrate Preparedness Efforts

Center for Health Security