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03 / 10 / 2023

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Hubei Timeline

Timeline Of Events

Dec 29Wuhan City government starts to trace cases
Jan 4Shanghai lab detects coronavirus similar to SARS
Jan 6Wuhan doctor, 13 nurses infected after operating on infected patient
Jan 7Pathogen identified as novel coronavirus
Jan 13Incubation period identified as 14 days
Jan 17Baibuting neighborhood in Wuhan holds Lunar New Year banquet
Jan 19Pulmonologist Nanshan Zhong announces human-to-human spread
Jan 20Annual Spring Festival travel rush begins in Hubei Province
Jan 23Wuhan placed under quarantine
Jan 23Announced new hospital to be built in 10 days
Jan 26Hundreds of medical staff, equipment and food sent to Wuhan
Jan 28Thousands more medical workers sent to Wuhan (1/28-1/29)
Feb 1Member of Chinese Academy of Science leads team to support Wuhan
Feb 2China Central Bank carried out a reverse repurchase of 1.2 trillion RMB ($170B)
Feb 3First Wuhan field hospital opens; More hospitals built overnight
Feb 5Diagnostic criteria expanded
Feb 9Another 3,187 medical workers sent to Hubei Province
Feb 1019 provinces partner with 16 cities in Hubei for assistance
Feb 12Hubei Province incorporates diagnostic change
Feb 14Wuhan asks recovered patients to donate plasma
Feb 19Another 1,299 medical workers sent to Wuhan as city disinfects sewage
Feb 24China bans trade, consumption of wild animals, and postpones annual parliamentary meeting
Feb 26Daily new cases outside China surpass those inside the country
Feb 29China-WHO joint investigation report on COVID-19 published
Apr 15China issued revised death and case count

About this page:

How did events unfold in Hubei, China?

Experts believe the novel coronavirus began infecting humans in late 2019 in Wuhan, a city in China's Hubei Province. After an 11-week lockdown, Wuhan lifted restrictions on outgoing travel on April 8 after reporting a dramatic decrease in cases.

This timeline shows the major events and actions taken in Hubei Province at the start of the outbreak alongside a graph showing the growth of COVID-19 cases in the region over time. Dots on the timeline show key events – hover over these dots to see additional details about each event. Yellow bars show the total number of confirmed cases and the line shows total number of deaths. Our data starts being collected on January 23, when the counts of death cases was 17.

By March 10, the number of new cases reported per day had fallen to less than 20, suggesting the outbreak had largely come under control in the region.